Ingredients & Amount

Sliced bell pepper1/5
Sliced onion1/4
Yakisoba noodle1 pack
Chopped pork50g
sliced cabbage1/6
Coarsely chopped carrot1/3
Chopped bunching onion1/4
Dry bonito slice (sprinkle as much as you want for topping)
Coarsely sliced seaweed (Sprinkle as much as you want for topping)
Tonkatsu & Yakisoba sauce
Bundle of bean sprout
Pickled ginger (for decoration aside)


1. Yakisoba ingredients are shown above. (Coarsely chopped carrot, sliced onion, copped bunching onion, 50g of pork, sliced bell pepper, sliced cabbage, bean sprout, 1 pack of noodle, pickled ginger for decoration, seaweed and dried bonito slice and noodle for sprinkle on the top as a topping ingredients (Click on the image for a better view).

2. Chop the pork in to around 0.5 cm thick. Also with all the other ingredients. Chop and slice them.

3. Oil the frying pan and raise it up to high heat.

4.When the fry pan is hot and ready, then add the chopped 50g pork. Try to fry the pork until its colors turns half white from pink.

5. Next, add sliced carrot.

6. Then, follow by sliced onion. Fry the carrot and union until they soften slightly.

7. Next, add sliced cabbage and fry it until its soft.

8. Next, add sliced bell pepper and fry it until its slightly soft

9. Then, add a 5g of bean sprout and fry it until its slightly transparent.

10. Add chopped bunching onion to the pan fry.

11. Fry all the ingredients very well until its cooked and finally add a pack of noodle. Mix the noodle and the other ingredients to blend it.

12. Add our Tonkatsu sauce to the fry pan until the Tonkatsu sauce gives a brownish color to the ingredients.

13. Blend the sauce and the ingredients well until the Tonkatsu sauce spreads over all.

14. We are almost done! Put the Yakisoba on the plate!

15. Sprinkle dried bonito slice as much as you want for the topping.

16. Decorate with pickled ginger on the side of yakisoba just like in the display image.

17. Then, sprinkle coarsely sliced seaweed on the top as much as you like

18. Here is the over all image of the Yakisoba we made!

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