Japanese Cold Noodle

Ingredients & Amount

Soba noodle14 oz
Oriental green onion (slice)1/4
Turnip( White radish)1/6 (grated)
WasabiAs much as you want
Cold noodle sacue
SeaweedAs much as you want


Cold Noodle ingredients are 14 oz of soba, sliced seaweed, sliced oriental green onion, grated white radish and cold noodle sauce

1. First of all, prepare a large pot with water and boil it until its hot. Then, once its boiling, hold the noodles over the water and spread them out. Leave it until the noodle soften. it will probably take about 5 minutes or so.

2. Then, when the noodle is about to soften, bring the heat down until the water is simmering. (It would probably take about 7-8 minutes maximum).

1. Next, after the noodle is cooked, drain the soba into a colander.

2. Then, wash the soba to get rid of the odor smell and starch from boiling.

3. Next is place the soba in the bowl leaving the cold water running for a while over the noodles. (You can also use ice water is another option as well).

4. Then, place the noodle with colander and set it.

5. Place the soba on the sieve and underneath it, with plate, arranging each bundle separately. This will allow for easy pickup with chopsticks.

6. It will pretty much looks like this.

7. Then, the next step is grate the white radish with the grater.

8. Place the grated white radish on top of the dipping bowl lid on the side.

9. Also, place the sliced oriental onion next to the grated white radish on the lid.

10. Then, also place Wasabi next to grated white radish and sliced oriental green onion.

11. Finally, when everything is settled, sprinkle the seaweed on top of the soba and you are done!!

12. Ready to serve!

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